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No Focused Will, No Professional Skill.


>> Company Profile

LOVEL is a professional trade team, specialize in the Picosure laser, 808nm diode laser hair removal ,  Spider vein vascular removal,  HIFU face lift, SHR IPL hair removal skin rejuvenation series  , Q-swicthed ND YAG laser tattoo removal series ,    Cryolipolysis RF cavitation slimming series , quantum analyzer 3D NLS 9D NLS health analyzer series  , Foot detox Spa series ,etc.



>> Service concept

LOVEL's sales process is with a process of customer service, we assure you to provide professional, trustworthy, and perseverance service.


LOVEL for each telephone consultation, whether it is technical consulting or business consulting are taken seriously, and there are detailed records. For some specific requirements can be tailored to customers.

We offer a full range of services, and customer friendly cooperation beyond the technical scope. We are convinced that good cooperation, mutual trust, will be able to build our long-term partnership.